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The Lighthouse immerses you in a dark black and white, PSX style little prototype strongly inspired by the end of the homonym movie by Robert Eggers (2019).

What's Wake hiding at the top of the lighthouse?

Duration: 5 minutes

1600 downloads achieved, thank you all!


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love your game so much thank you :):):):):)

Played at 12:54. Did you take any inspiration from Return Of The Obra Dinn by any chance?, reqlly gave me those vibes.

I was a little disappointed with the duration but I enjoyed the art style.

Check out my video.

Oh yeah, now this is a cool little game. I remember watching the movie for the first time by pure chance, as it was playing on some random channel that I never watch. I obviously wished I could've explored an actual recreation of the island but honestly, this does the job just fine. I appreciate that u used the same aspect ratio as the movie too, it's small touches like these that separate a good from a great game.

Really loved the graphics, I wish there was a small story but overall I enjoyed the game 馃憤馃徏

Definitely a koo lil mystery adventure. Keep up the great work

Anything that reminds me of Lighthouse (2019) I like :) I mean it got me to like Robert Pattinson.. Nice work lol

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You got the aesthetic just right...if a little dark. I wish there was more to it!

Utterly delicious. 10/10 would kiss the pier-man 馃拫馃拫馃拫


Happy you liked it!

Highly underrated and deserves more love! Game #3.

Thanks man!

Of course!


Felt like Stephen King met Edgar Alan Poe. Pretty good for a short game. I wanted more of it, with a more developed story, but for what it was, it was great!

Glad you liked it! It's just a small prototype, but maybe I'll develop it more in the future!

I really had fun with this, though some better direction and controls would've been useful. You nailed the ambiance.  My YouTube channel is small but I wanted to share the game with those that follow me.

Thanks for the support and for the advices!

Great work! I had a good time with this. Looking forward to what you do next!

Thanks for the compliments, i'm trying to finish my next prototype!

Wow I really thought this was inspired by Junji Ito's "The Lighthouse" but it turns out he was apparently inspired by the original film! I liked it and here's my playthrough with a couple other games 

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Thanks for the video. Happy to have introduced you to a new movie

Love the ambiance and the similarities between this game and the movie! Love the black and white and the the subtle scares! All of this was fantastic!

Happy you liked it!

Smooth gameplay running in 60fps. Black and white graphics is epic just like the high graphics. Sound/Music and water area gives me chills. Graphics were very cool and fun to explore. Great game overall!


Thanks for all the compliments

Loved it. I saw the movie with my friends a about a year ago and we thought it was weird (but in a good way). I thought your game did a good job of replicating that.

Thank you, happy to hear that!

really well put together game, short and to the point

Happy you liked it, thanks for the support!

that guy looking at me from the sea was terrifying lmao goodjob :D

Btw I'm trying to reach 60 subs so if you enjoyed this video it would mean the world to me that you'd consider subscribing to my channel :)

Happy you liked it, thanks for the video


thanks for the video

Excellent rendition. The Lighthouse is one of my favorite horror movies and you captured the final scene very well. Have you considered making a rendition of the final scene of Hereditary, too? I think you'd do well with the audio and visual elements!

Thanks for the compliments, glad you liked it. When I had to make this prototype for a school workshop, I was undecided whether to make this or a scene from Hereditary ahahahahah

loved playing this- I鈥檓 glad this was made because I鈥檝e been in love with the movie since it came out! I did record my play through!


Thanks for the video! Really happy you liked, expecially knonwing you love the movie!

Hiya, thanks for making this game.  I enjoyed the art style and the rain(hale) effects.  It took me a while to find the key and the phantom spooked me the first time round.  I look forward to seeing more games from you :)  

Here is a quick playthrough I did if anyone is interested.

Hi, happy you like it and thanks for the video! I noticed you have some problem with the scale of the game: you don't see the black borders and the texts. Probably you have a ultrawide monitor and/or using a program to force the applications to a specific proportion. I hope this didn't ruin the experience.

Thanks for pointing that out.  I will review my monitor settings.  Didn't affect my playing experience at all.  Keep up the good work.

I will be playing this live =D


Played this game on my Channel's Series called 3 SCARY GAMES! It's the 2nd game I played in the video starting at 15:30!

Almost immediately, I felt completely immersed within seconds of even opening the game. I knew going into it the Atmosphere, Visuals & Sound Design we're going to be amazing and I wasn't disappointed. I have not seen the movie mentioned in the desc of the game, but it did not take away from the experience at all. It truly gave a glimpse into the horrors of living on a lighthouse island, how you seemingly go crazy by the end. Overall I really enjoyed this unique experience and hope you continue to make great games!

Glad you liked it friend, thanks for the compliments. Yeah developing a sound design that convinced me took some time, so i'm happy it worked to you

I have not watched the movie but now I really want to. I love how short this game is and how much it packs, from the lovely details of the environment, the sound cues (that thunder noise is genius, it sounds like giants fighting), that ONE scene (I can鈥檛 stop thinking about it). Amazing work. This is why I love indie horror games. 


Wow thank you really, i don't deserve all these compliments. Happy you liked the attention for the details in the environment.

P.S. You should really give a chance to the movie, you'll not regret ;)

Molto interessante...ha del potenziale!

Grazie mille! Spero di trovare del tempo per ampliare il prototipo

Che engine usi?

really enjoyed the atmosphere and sounds in this game very unsettling and reminded me abit of silent hill great game if your interested in my gameplay check below! 

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Thanks for the support, really liked your video.

All the compliments in the comments really made me smile <3

not alot of people use this style anymore so really enjoyed that, keep up the good work man

This is a extremely good horror game! The thing in the water scared me a ton. The style is great and the ambience is horrifying. I played this in my 3 scary games video. gameplay starts at 29:25

Thanks for the support, really appreciated your video. Happy it scared you so much ;)

I like the style a lot. I always love lighthouse games. I wasn't sure about where to find the body at first  but I managed :) Nice little scares put everywhere too. Your video is second and starts at 08:33


Happy you liked it! Really enjoyed your video, also you are one of a few who found all the scary things.
You're not the only one who had some problem finding the body, maybe i have to make it more visible

:) Good to know that I wasnt the only one confused about the body! I figured it was just me lol Thanks so much for taking the time to watch my gameplay of it!! 

I really liked this game! It had a very creepy atmosphere and I felt like I was being watched the entire time. Good job!

Thanks man, happy you liked it! I loved your video

Cool game. I liked the atmosphere. I also really like light houses, so I had to check this one out. If you get a chance, please take a look at my video. Thanks!

Thanks for the compliments, really appreciated, especially if you love the movie

I thought this game was very nice on the eyes and the sounds were incredible and submersed me deep into the game. Even though it took a step from horror it still had its creepy moments. I enjoyed this game a lot, I even made a video on it if that's ok. I hope you make more games in the future and keep up the cool looks and sounds. Good Luck.

Thanks for all the compliments, really appreciated

i liked the looks of the game and the guy at the end of the dock lol 

Thank you, glade you liked it

good atmospher and auro

Happy you liked it!

It's a rather short game (I was kind of expecting there to be more, even if just a little bit), though there were some elements I did like. The visuals work well, as does the sound design. So as a concept it's certainly interesting. Admittedly, I haven't seen the movie this is apparently based on, so perhaps I'm missing something!

Thanks for the video! I know it's really short but it's just a prototype, maybe in the future i'll expand it.

I loved the 2019 movie so when I saw this I HAD to play it! it was so good the atmosphere was so eerie and I loved the overall look of it!! Here my blind reaction to the game!! it starts at 6:45!! Thank you!! 


Really happy you liked it, thanks for the video!

This games really gives off the feel of The Lighthouse (2019) movie, I'm sure that was the intention though.  I'm a huge fan of the movie (as you can see) Great job!


Thanks for the compliments! Yeah, recreate the feelings of the movie was the point of the prototype, happy it work.

When I was playing it, I could hear "why'd ya spill yer beans" in my head. 

This was a really fun little game, I liked the look of it, the atmosphere was neat as well, good work :)


Thanks for the compliments and the video!

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